Hi guys!

This is Japanese blogger markie.
I will introduce about “Kawaii Cafe” in Cebu.

If you are interested in Akiba-culture of Japan,
Also Anime, Cosplay …
I think you will have good experience there.



Location and facilities






Kawaii Cafe is located in front of San Calros University in Cebu.



Down Stair (Ground floor)


Each seats are divided by low fence.

Customers take off their shoes as Japanese style.





Up stair (2nd floor)

Sakura wall is full bloomed there.

You can feel Japan in Spring under the cherry blossoms.

The room can be used as meeting room.






Various Sevices




There are variety of free rental cosplay and YUKATA.

One of the photo is a costume of AKB48 which is Japanese idle group.

The other one is Yukata which is Japanese traditional summer dress.



This counter are provided some Japanese snacks.

Matcha sweets, Japanese KitKat…and more.




Film showing is provided there everyday.


Also they have good wifi conection.









Kawaii menu




Look at the picture!

You can enjoy Kawaii menu like this there❤︎



Omurice  150php

Do you know Relakkuma which is so popular character in Japan?

As you see, the blanquette is made by eggs.






Curry Kitty  170php

Pika rice  150php



Daifuku   70php

(strawberry,choco, matcha)

Dango   70php

Dango with Japanese green tea  80php





Taiyaki  70php

(cheese, choco)







Matcha Latte  145php

Cafe Latte  125php







Strawberry smoothie

12oz- 135php / 16oz-  150php

Matcha smoothie

12oz-  135php / 16oz-  150php





TAKOYAKI self service is aveilable now as you see!

It will be fun if you do with your friends.



Cebu Lunch




The back ground music “Kawaii Cafe de Cebu Lunch” is made by us❤︎

We will be happy if you sing❤︎



kawaii Cafe de Cebu lunch

Lyrics: markie
Composition: Mina
Song: Mina


Kawaii Cafe de Cebu Lunch
Cosplay shite dai-henshin❤︎
Itsumo-to chigau watashi-ni
TOKIMEKI kyun-kyun mite mite!

Otsugi-wa YUKATA de insta up
Follow Iine yoroshiku ne〜
Relakkuma no Omuriceʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Odango ni Taiyaki ni
Matcha Latte de Nihon kibun🇯🇵
Kawaii Cafe de Cebu Lunch


Kawaii Cafe de Cebu lunch
ときめきキュンキュン みてみて!
お次は浴衣でInsta up
フォロー いいね よろしくね〜

Kawaii Cafe de Cebu Lunch





More detail




This is the owner “Mr. Shunki Matsushima”.

He is very passionate person.

In his head is always full of Kawaii cafe.

He wants to make you enjoy and be happy there.






Kawaii Cafe
Open hour:  9:00a.m. 〜 11:00p.m.
Adress: 40 Pantaleon del rosario
☎︎   032 410 1009



Facebook page: Kawaii Cafe




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