What is “bijin-tokei” ?



Fall in love in just 1 minute ❤︎
bijin-tokei, which means beautiful women clock, is an internet service offering one minute pop-up advertisement.
This is one of the famous applications in Japan.

Now, it is available overseas, particularly in Hawaii, Jakarta, Taiwan, and many more.

Consequently, a new version for CEBU will be coming soon!!



What is this Cebu version?

180 beautiful representatives from various enterprises, groups, and English schools will be featured.
Each model can advertise twice per day with 4 minutes running time. This means a total of 8 minutes a day.

We can’t wait!



Why don’t you be our gwapa model?













We are looking for a gwapa model to appear on it for a period of one year (January to December 2016).
Picture taking is scheduled to begin on the first week of December.
Teachers as well as students in Cebu are also welcome to apply.
Photographer Ms.Tanaka will be taking pictures of you.

We want you!

The most important thing is you love Cebu. And you can express that love with your smiling face ❤︎



How to apply?

Please send your profile sheet with 2pictures(Up, full) by PDF file to << >>



Please include the following information in your profile:

*Name and nick name


*The name of the school where you are working.


*Hobbies and interest

*Facebook account・blog・HP(URL)




We will then choose one Gwapa model.

Please apply until November 8th❤︎







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